May 072013

The thing that is so discouraging about watching films and TV shows on demand is that it has way too many strings attached. You either have to pay for a month’s worth of films and watch only a small fraction of it, or drop everything else and watch all the films you can watch to make your subscription worth it.

Thank heavens there’s such a thing as Blinkbox from Tesco!

The whole of UK has known and loved Blinkbox since 2006 for their no-strings-attached-watch-what-you-want policy. With Tesco backing it up, everyone is now about to get the best customer treatment a la Tesco, with rewards of all the films that Blinkbox can offer.

Unlike every other online movie and TV on demand sites and service providers, Tesco Blinkbox does not tie you down with a subscription fee and monthly limit on how much you could and should watch in a month. It lets you watch what you want, whenever you want and that’s all you have to pay for. The choice and the control is absolutely yours. Whether you want it on DVD, on Digital Download or live streaming of movies and TV shows, Blinkbox gives you that power of choice that other VoD service providers could not at all give you. And in some cases, you can get your dose of film for free. Yes, free.

Blinkbox from Tesco puts their service this simplicity: SelectJoinChooseWatch. First you select how you want to watch your movies. You can get your films on your PC or Mac, iPad, Xbox 360, Smart TV, or Blu Ray! And then you join by opening a Blinkbox account. From there you will be opened to a wide, wide world of all the best and the latest films to choose from! Yes, even the latest ones that are not on their competitors’ lists until next year. Well, Blinkbox wouldn’t be “the best UK movie streaming service around” by the Gadget Show for nothing.

And you know what comes after that – yes, it’s time to bring out the crisps and the soda and enjoy!

Blinkbox offers you the choice to either Rent or Buy the movie/TV ep. You rent a film and it is all at your disposal for the next 30 days or you buy it and take it home for eternity.

Tesco’s involvement could only mean better changes for Blinkbox. For one, there are more family-oriented shows and better parental control policies for their customers. And in the tradition of Tesco’s personalized and rewarding customer service, Blinkbox offers incentives for their Clubcard members. Yes, Clubcard members get their TV and movie programming ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE! Movie suggestion and brand advertisements are shaped according to every Clubcard member’s profile! And if you are a member of Clubcard, trust that there will be a whole lot of points and rewards for your every rental or purchase of Blinkbox films and TV episodes.

Tesco Blinkbox currently accepts three major payment methods: credit card, debit card, and vouchers. With this much offer from one company, there could only be one thing that could tie you down to Blinkbox: your love for film.

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